How it all happened...

After about a year of just photographing my friends and family, I started to get overwhelmed by the number of people asking me to take their picture. I had friends even offer me money! I started to accept their generous gifts and it felt amazing. Getting paid for doing something I loved seemed too good to be true!

That feeling still hasn't changed, but my professionalism has! What helped impact this big change was meeting my fiance Doug! Right from the very beginning, helped push me towards my goals.  He taught me the value of a prompt response time, organization, deposits, work ethic and so much more! His natural talent in business, and literature helped me hugely! And in turn have developed an irreplaceable trust in him. I trust his word above everything!

Another thing that is unique about Doug and I, which benefits our clients, is that we have a slightly different artistic eye. I use him as my second opinion for everything! I often ask him to criticise my editing, I like to hear his honest thoughts. Most times he only gives me positive feedback, but I believe having him there to give me a real opinion has made me into a far better photographer. Together we make an amazing team!