Alicia and Tyler


I’m so happy to share these beautiful shots from Alicia and Tyler's engagement session! I can't wait to photograph their wedding at the Secret Garden next August. Alicia looked stunning in this beautiful summer dress, which perfectly complemented her personality, and suited the landscape perfectly. We started the session by the UBC Pharmacy building on the south side of campus. We then headed down Main Mall which took us to the heart of campus and the entrance to the beach. Our final destination being Wreck Beach for its famous sunset.  Like all my favorite clients, Alicia and Tyler were up for anything, climbing on rocks and walking out on the precariously placed logs – If anyone’s looking for an amazing place to take photos I strongly recommend UBC and Wreck Beach!


The Sy Family Session

Summer came early this year in Vancouver. On this June evening, it was close to 30 degrees. I met this adorable family at Gary Point Park in Richmond and we went exploring through the tall green grass and sandy beaches. We found some cute little paths and a beautiful bright field. It was such a great way to kick off the outdoor family session season…

In addition to having a gorgeous family Emily Sy (mother of the 3) also, runs her own blog and brand! She recently shared her advice on to " HOW TO ROCK YOUR MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOT" and I could not agree more with her advice!  Check it out if you want to know how to slay your next family photoshoot!

Dawn and Mike Spring Wedding

This wedding. Where do I even begin? It was truly one of the most memorable and beloved weddings of my photography career so far!

The Kamloops-based bride and groom celebrated their wedding in May at The Old Clayburn Village Church. The ceremony was followed by a chic and elegant party at the Best Western Plus Regency Inn

The part that really stood out to me was not that it was a stylish, well put together wedding, but that from beginning to end, it was all about the people and relationships. Authentic hospitality and happiness were everywhere.  Big smiles, tearful laughter, clinking glasses and so many full hearts. 

Honestly, the whole wedding day was a beautiful lesson to me. It taught me despite whatever you plan for your wedding day, it's really the people that you surround yourself with that make the day special! Looking back at this wedding, I can’t imagine it being any more perfect.

Also, spot the photos below of Dawn and Mike having a little food fight after cutting their wedding cake. By far one of my favorite moments of the day. 


Mackenzie and Nick Engagement Session


Photography Mackenzie and Nick's was an absolute blast! These two are so fun, sweet, and gorgeous to boot that it was hard to not photograph them all day long! Mackenzie and Nick knew they wanted to incorporate spring flowers and modern architecture into their engagement session and Coal Harbour provided the perfect setting. The session started out beautiful but then the sun started to set, giving it an overall warmer feel. I can't wait for their beautiful wedding this August!

The Campbells Family Session


If you have never been to the Chilliwack Tulip Festival, you are truly missing out!

It offers a variety of dramatic colorful backdrop, perfect for any Spring session. Any chance to go back is always welcomed as it always delivers gorgeous results.

The Campbell's are an amazing family! Photographing their first trip to ever to the Chilliwack tulip festival was an absolute blast! 

I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!


Lesley Spicer Maternity Session

Both photographing and meeting Lesley were an absolute blast! She was so cheerful and funny that  I spent the entire session laughing! Her 2 little twin boys are gonna have an amazing mom!

When Lesley first contacted me and told me she wanted to do a maternity boudoir shoot, my mind started racing at the possibilities - I loved the idea of being able to try something new!

I arranged to do the shoot at Woodbridge Ponds and they allowed us to use their breathtaking Bridal Studio. It provided us with lots of natural light and tons of open space! We did two boudoir looks in the bridal studio and then headed over to The Abbotsford Tulip Festival for the final look!

Caitlin and Noah Couple Session


This was my forth time photographing Noah and Caitlin and it was an absolute pleasure as always! I've known Caitlin practically my entire life and I always look forward to being able to catch up! 

My goal for Caitlin and Noah’s photo shoot was to incorporate a mixture of Spring flowers and modern architecture. We started the session right next to the UBC Health Clinic, where a beautiful row of trees had just started to bloom. We then walked across campus and made multiple stops along the way! The final location I choose for them was Ponderosa. Ponderosa is a brand new residence building, that looks more like a 5 star hotel then a student housing! The mixture of modern architecture and stained wood was so uniquely Canadian and photogenic - I loved it!

I also did a little experimenting during Caitlin and Noah’s session. By putting a glass prism in front of my lens, I was able to create colourful lens flares! I loved the fun and life it gave to the images, I think it complimented Noah and Caitlin perfectly! 


A Little Bit More About Me


I credit my passion to photography and film to my grade 10 English teacher. It was in her after-school journalism class that I first had the opportunity to use an SLR camera. I was given the job of designing and photographing the covers every month. I was able to pick any location and model, as long as it fell within that month's theme. This gave me an amazing platform to display my work and I quickly fall in love with photography!

The following year I join broadcasting, this course showed me an entirely different side to my camera! I was given the responsibly of filming and editing creative commercials. They would play my commercials once a week during the morning broadcast! This once again gave me an amazing platform to perfect my craft.

As is often the case in photography, I began growing my own clientele. Ever since high school, my friends had been reaching out to me to ask me to take their photos. After high school I launched my first website and Bischoff Photography was born. As a small business owner, I have had the privilege of learning a lot! My real life experiences have taught me everything and have shown me the true value of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

We live in an amazing era where great cameras are all around us - even an iPhone can produce high quality images. That being said, I have see first-hand every day the true difference of a professional photographer can make! I started in the industry in a time where people no longer hire a photographer just to take a clear photo. I instead started photography at a time where people only picked their photographers based on their personal artistic style.

I believe my two strongest skills is having a clear vision of what I want, and my post processing. My strong vision has allowed me to give clear instruction clients and also to facilitate candid moments. Clients often say that they feel much more comfortable and confident while working with me, which I believe shines through in all my work.

Capturing the images is an essential and an amazing time to get creative, but I believe the true exceptional nature of modern day photography stands out in post processing. I am a perfectionist. I believe this is most pronounced in my editing process. Every little detail matters even if it means hours of meticulous work. These small, and often unnoticed details may seem like a waste of time to many, but they are often what take a good flattering photo and transform it into a work of art!

Ivy Sierra

Janae and Eric

I am so blessed to have photographed and met Eric and Janae!  This newly married couple galavanted around UBC with me for their maternity session all the way until sundown.

I think the beautiful architecture and nature of UBC is what makes it one of the best places to take photos in Vancouver! I think it perfectly complemented Eric and Janae beautiful love for one another!

We had an absolute blast and it was so fun getting to know them. Thank you, Janae and Eric, for sharing this special moment in your lives with me and having me for your maternity photos! Congratulations to you both! 

Julie Van Vu

Having the opportunity to work with YouTuber Julie Van Vu was a true honour! She made a fabulous model and I loved the looks she chose!

We started the shoot at UBC, which offered loads of modern architecture! I picked each location based on how it would complement her outfit. After completing the first two looks at UBC, we decide to turn up the heat and do some pool, sauna and steam room shots back at her place! Although it was just a last minute, idea the swim wear photos ended up being my absolute favourite! 

Please let me know what you guys think! I love hearing your feedback!

Stephanie Yu


Having the opportunity to work with Instagrammer and YouTuber Stephanie Yu was a true delight! Stephanie is famous for her healthy vegan lifestyle and authentic personality! She was extremely natural in front of the camera and I think it really showed in how wonderfully all the images turned out!

We started the shoot at Wreck beach, which provided us with an amazing sunset! Which illuminated her beautiful skin tone perfectly. 

After finishing at wreck beach we decided to mix it up and do some low light photography downtown. We started with some shots at a local corner store and then gradually transitioned to outdoors where the lights were even more colorful and vibrant! 

So one of my final ideas was to do something that involved her levitating fire. Although the idea sounded crazy and dangerous at first, Steph warmed up to the idea once I explained how we would do it! After finishing the fire photo we were both so excited to see the results! 

My overall goal for this photoshoot was to provide Stephanie with multiple creative and colorful looks that suited her fun and artsy personality! 

Please let me know what you guys think! I love hearing your feedback!

Burnaby Park Winter Couple

Alex and Rose

Rose first contacted me in mid-January. She really wanted a winter photo shoot so I suggested that we go to Seymour Mountain. However, the day of their session it started to snow in Vancouver and on our way to the mountain we noticed that Burnaby Central Park was perfectly coated in snow so we decided to go there for the session instead. 

It is events like these that always remind me of the necessity to be flexible as a photographer. So many times your are at the mercy of mother nature. Locations, lighting requirements, scheduling all need to be somewhat flexible. Luckily this time mother nature was on our side and saved us the trip up the mountain! 

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Alex and Rose. They were both so friendly and nice. Being from the Philippines Alex and Rose loved the chance to play in the snow. It was so fun seeing how excited they were and I love how their excitement shines through in these images. 

I hope you enjoy looking through their gallery!

My Proposal

This past sunday evening I decided to pop the question to Doug after months of planning! I tried to write out the story, but I just love how Doug was able to capture the story in his own words. So I will let him tell it:  

Alex surprised me with a romantic dinner on the top of Grouse Mountain! I had no idea where we were going - I was still convinced it was Indian food until we finally started up towards the mountain. Once we got to the top I knew something was up because he was insistent that we head over to the light walk even though we were already cutting it close to our dinner reservation. As we entered the light walk Alex paused, kissed me and then went down on one knee! He later told me he had been practicing what to say for weeks, but in the moment he was so nervous all could say was "will you marry me?". (I thought it was so cute how nervous he was, but he's going hate that I tell you this!) Of course I said yes!
This wasn't the end of surprises though. He also planned a surprise trip to Arizona over my reading week to celebrate!

On my Instagram and facebook, I posted that he said “yes” but, he actually said “of course babe” and kissed me again. This photo is of that moment, and because of that it will forever be my favorite photo!

Cultus Lake Winter Wedding

Taylor and Sam

Taylor and I have been good friends for years, and I when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was thrilled! While most of the Lower Mainland was in standstill by a sudden and unexpected snowstorm, Taylor and her fiance Sam were fortunate to experience a winter wonderland for their wedding.  

One of my all time dreams was to photograph a snowy winter wedding, but I never thought that I would get the chance! When I first noticed the snowfall on Thursday morning, I was hopeful that it would stick around until the weekend. Luckily the snow stuck around and I got my wish!

Taylor had already selected the wedding ceremony location prior to the wedding day - the dock at Cultus Lake. However, once we arrived the unexpected snow changed those plans and I suggested that we moved to the nearby road as I thought it would capture the winter snowfall perfectly. They loved the idea and the resulting images! One of my favourite aspects of this location is how the snow covered trees framed the ceremony helping focus the viewer's attention on Taylor and Sam's first kiss as husband and wife. 

These wedding photographs are some of my favourites from the day, and it gives me great pleasure and honor to share them with you!