Cultus Lake Winter Wedding

Taylor and Sam

Taylor and I have been good friends for years, and I when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was thrilled! While most of the Lower Mainland was in standstill by a sudden and unexpected snowstorm, Taylor and her fiance Sam were fortunate to experience a winter wonderland for their wedding.  

One of my all time dreams was to photograph a snowy winter wedding, but I never thought that I would get the chance! When I first noticed the snowfall on Thursday morning, I was hopeful that it would stick around until the weekend. Luckily the snow stuck around and I got my wish!

Taylor had already selected the wedding ceremony location prior to the wedding day - the dock at Cultus Lake. However, once we arrived the unexpected snow changed those plans and I suggested that we moved to the nearby road as I thought it would capture the winter snowfall perfectly. They loved the idea and the resulting images! One of my favourite aspects of this location is how the snow covered trees framed the ceremony helping focus the viewer's attention on Taylor and Sam's first kiss as husband and wife. 

These wedding photographs are some of my favourites from the day, and it gives me great pleasure and honor to share them with you!