Stephanie Yu


Having the opportunity to work with Instagrammer and YouTuber Stephanie Yu was a true delight! Stephanie is famous for her healthy vegan lifestyle and authentic personality! She was extremely natural in front of the camera and I think it really showed in how wonderfully all the images turned out!

We started the shoot at Wreck beach, which provided us with an amazing sunset! Which illuminated her beautiful skin tone perfectly. 

After finishing at wreck beach we decided to mix it up and do some low light photography downtown. We started with some shots at a local corner store and then gradually transitioned to outdoors where the lights were even more colorful and vibrant! 

So one of my final ideas was to do something that involved her levitating fire. Although the idea sounded crazy and dangerous at first, Steph warmed up to the idea once I explained how we would do it! After finishing the fire photo we were both so excited to see the results! 

My overall goal for this photoshoot was to provide Stephanie with multiple creative and colorful looks that suited her fun and artsy personality! 

Please let me know what you guys think! I love hearing your feedback!