A Little Bit More About Me


I credit my passion to photography and film to my grade 10 English teacher. It was in her after-school journalism class that I first had the opportunity to use an SLR camera. I was given the job of designing and photographing the covers every month. I was able to pick any location and model, as long as it fell within that month's theme. This gave me an amazing platform to display my work and I quickly fall in love with photography!

The following year I join broadcasting, this course showed me an entirely different side to my camera! I was given the responsibly of filming and editing creative commercials. They would play my commercials once a week during the morning broadcast! This once again gave me an amazing platform to perfect my craft.

As is often the case in photography, I began growing my own clientele. Ever since high school, my friends had been reaching out to me to ask me to take their photos. After high school I launched my first website and Bischoff Photography was born. As a small business owner, I have had the privilege of learning a lot! My real life experiences have taught me everything and have shown me the true value of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

We live in an amazing era where great cameras are all around us - even an iPhone can produce high quality images. That being said, I have see first-hand every day the true difference of a professional photographer can make! I started in the industry in a time where people no longer hire a photographer just to take a clear photo. I instead started photography at a time where people only picked their photographers based on their personal artistic style.

I believe my two strongest skills is having a clear vision of what I want, and my post processing. My strong vision has allowed me to give clear instruction clients and also to facilitate candid moments. Clients often say that they feel much more comfortable and confident while working with me, which I believe shines through in all my work.

Capturing the images is an essential and an amazing time to get creative, but I believe the true exceptional nature of modern day photography stands out in post processing. I am a perfectionist. I believe this is most pronounced in my editing process. Every little detail matters even if it means hours of meticulous work. These small, and often unnoticed details may seem like a waste of time to many, but they are often what take a good flattering photo and transform it into a work of art!