Caitlin and Noah Couple Session


This was my forth time photographing Noah and Caitlin and it was an absolute pleasure as always! I've known Caitlin practically my entire life and I always look forward to being able to catch up! 

My goal for Caitlin and Noah’s photo shoot was to incorporate a mixture of Spring flowers and modern architecture. We started the session right next to the UBC Health Clinic, where a beautiful row of trees had just started to bloom. We then walked across campus and made multiple stops along the way! The final location I choose for them was Ponderosa. Ponderosa is a brand new residence building, that looks more like a 5 star hotel then a student housing! The mixture of modern architecture and stained wood was so uniquely Canadian and photogenic - I loved it!

I also did a little experimenting during Caitlin and Noah’s session. By putting a glass prism in front of my lens, I was able to create colourful lens flares! I loved the fun and life it gave to the images, I think it complimented Noah and Caitlin perfectly! 


Downtown Vancouver Modeling Session

Alexis Tan

I first had the opportunity to meet Alexis at her prom last June. She was friends with someone who had hired me for their graduation photos. I loved her look at her grad and looked forward to an opportunity to photograph her again. 

Fast forward a few months and I had the opportunity to photograph her again! For this session, I really wanted to capture Alexis's great sense of style and fashion through my images of her. I am really happy with how the images turned out!

While I love how all the images turned out, my absolute favourites are the ones of Alexis in Chinatown in neon lighting. Low lighting photographs are some of the most challenging images to capture. I love how bold and bright the colours of the lights are in contrast to her dark clothes.