Videography Sitting Fee

$175 *

This includes the shooting time. I always try to capture 3 unique looks. In order to accomplish this, I take my clients to multiple settings and encourage them to always bring multiple outfits! I prefer to not focus on the length of the session, as I am more focused on capturing the moment and having fun! That being said, I find filming typically last between 2-3 hours. I recommend clients plan for 3 hour session. 

  • Multiple settings
  • Multiple looks 
  • Rough Draft Video

*An additional traveling fee may apply depending on the location of the session.

Video length Options*

  • 30-60 second video  $100 
  • 2-3 Minute video $150 
  • 4-6 Minute Video $200
  • 7-10  Minute Video $250